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2014 Show

The results are in from the WMPA show on November 1st in Drenthe, Michigan!

BreedColorShow AgeAwardFirstNameLastName
Silesian SwallowBlue checkOld CockFancy, Open and Best of show!BOBJAKUBOWSKI
Giant HomerBlue barOld HenJunior ChampionJENNYSHEPHARD
Racing HomerBCOld CockJunior Reserve ChampionAYDENAYERS
Racing HomerBlue barOld HenBest Flying and Open ReserveSCOTTKLIPHUIS
Giant HomerAOCOld HenBest UtilityBRADDEWYS
Saddle HomerAOCYoung CockBestKELLIDESMIT
Classic Old FrillBrown Lace Spot TailOld CockBestJERRYWAGENMAKER
Flying RollerAOCYoung CockBestVICKIDESMIT
SaintAlmondOld CockBestSCOTTAMO
Oriental RollerAlmondOld CockBestAMILADZAFIC
African OwlBlackYoung CockBestTIMSTAJKOWSKI
Show Racing HomerSilverOld CockBestCLIFFHASTINGS
Horseman Pouter Young CockBestGARYHULST
Chinese OwlBlue barOld HenBestJOEGRANGER
Fairy SwallowBlue white barOld CockRare Reserve ChampionBOBJAKUBOWSKI

Check out photos HERE!