About Us

Meet the Western Michigan Pigeon Association!

The Western Michigan Pigeon Association is centered in, you guessed it, West Michigan! This All Breeds club takes a no-nonsense approach to the pigeon fancy with an annual show and monthly meetings which are more like good friends getting together rather than "Official Association business." First formed in 1929? the WMPA may very well be the oldest pigeon club in Michigan.

The primary purpose of the WMPA is not to grow the club but to support the fancy. If you are a like minded pigeon fancier why don't you Contact Us or better yet come to our Annual Show? Hope to hear from you soon!

The WMPA is currently organized by some long time pigeon fanciers in the West Michigan area. Many of them have won shows and are known nationally (if not internationally) for their many specialty breeds. We meet every first Tuesday of the month (excluding February and July) at RMN Machining and Fabricating in Zeeland, MI.