Rzhev Startail Tumbler

The Rzhev Startail Tumbler is a Russian breed of pigeon originally from the city of Rzhev (loosely pronounced "Ruh-SHEV" with a rolling "R") Russia, northwest of Moscow. This magpie colored breed comes in both red and yellow although in Russia the yellow coloration is considered a different breed. Similar to the Kaluga tumbler, the Rzhev Startail has a signature white ribbon in the tail feathers which it is supposed to "flash" as it flies. About the size of a Birmingham roller this small breed features a blocky, almost square head, shy personality, and quick flying abilities. Considered a Rare Breed in the USA, it is nonetheless popular around the world, even in the States.

The difficult markings are considered one of the most difficult to attain in pigeon breeding and should be considered a challenge to all those pigeon breeders out there looking to go to the next level. While being a shorter beaked breed they do raise their own young and seem quick to go to nest. Interested in raising some of your own? Contact Us or check out the Rare Breeds club to find some in your area!