Fantails are a very old breed thought to have originated in India but there is some evidence they may have in fact started in Spain (mentioned in 1150AD) or China. Fantails have been in the USA for quite some time but their first documented description in this country is from 1857. By 1874 they were a very popular breed with American pigeon fanciers and remain so to this day.

The breed is noted for its 30 to 40 feather "peacock" tail. They are also known as being a gentle, tame and calm breed. They come in a plethera of colors and patterns and have had the feather structure mutation known as "silky" in their genetics since at least the 1700's. WMPA's current President, Stan Oosterbaan, is a well known Fantail breeder with many rare colors, patterns and even silkies in his breeding projects.