Old German Owls

The Owl is one of the oldest breed families of pigeon. No one knows exactly where they first originated, but many believe somewhere in Asia or Asia Minor.

The Old German Owl is on the small side of a medium sized pigeon. It was developed in Germany in the 1800's and has gained popularity all around the world. Here in Michigan, there are a number of top breeders, and the Old German Owl is becoming quite popular. The standard states "The pigeon should be compact and display a charming friendly personality... birds should appear in natural condition and display rich color." This shield marked bird is allowed in all colors, even all white and recessive red.

In the loft, the Old German Owl seems to like the higher perches and nest boxes. They sit well, care for their young, and most times get along with other birds. There is a national club in the U.S.A, and you can visit them at https://www.ogoc.org/index.htm for much more information about this cute little breed.