Oriental Rollers

Oriental Rollers are one of the oldest breed of performing, flying pigeon, having received mention in Persian manuscripts of the twelfth century. This pigeon has been bred for its flying and rolling qualities and some claim it has excellent "Hawk-evading" talents. There is much debate around this but most Oriental breeders will attest to this ability while admitting they do lose birds to hawks from time to time. The Oriental Roller does not necessarily "kit" like the more familiar Birmingham Roller but they do typically fly in groups, performing the most near the end of their flight. While there are some "show standards", typical of flying breeds there are many who completely debate this idea. In general they are accepted in all colors in the USA but originally were limited to black, white and possibly almond.

Orientals are known for their calm disposition and can become quite tame. Their dropped wings and upright tails make them of particular interest to many show breeders. Could this be a breed with the same potential in the show cage as in the air? Many different breeds have tried but this could be the one to actually pull it off. The challenges around such a feat are many but there is something about the Oriental Roller that seems to say "Hey! Look at me!!" be it in a show cage or in the sky.