2019 Show

2019 was a great show for the WMPA with 222 birds, three clubs (WMPA, Kalamazoo Valley Racing Pigeon, and Rare Breeds clubs) all showing. Rodger Robertson was the WMPA Open Show judge and Jeff Coby won Best of Show with his Norwich Cropper. Check out Facebook for more photos!

Best of Show (Open show, Fancy and Pouter Classes) - Jeff Coby, Norwich Cropper #486. Best Utility (and Giant Homer) - Brad Dewys, white Giant Homer #650. Best Flying (and Racing Homer) - CJ Hastings, milky Racing Homer #36130 AU. Best Small Class - Jerry Wagenmaker, white Jacobin #6412. Best Birmingham Roller - Doreen Lampe, grizzle #065. Best Oriental Roller - Doreen Lampe, #306. Best Show Racing Homer - CJ Hastings, blue bar #3528. Best Russian Tumbler - Mark Newby, qualmond #227. Best Old German Owl - Rachelle Grabowski, spread ash red #1963. Best Komorner Tumbler - Tim England, black magpie #455. Best Junior - Noel Huizinga, blue bar Fantail #4246.