The Lahore pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon which is known for impressive size, excellent parenting, and gentle nature. It originated from Lahore, Pakistan. The origins of the breed go so far back that we do not have many details of how it was developed. It was certainly used as a utility breed but nowadays is admired at the many pigeon shows across our nation.

It has a free stance with an almost horizontal body posture. Base color of the body of these birds is white, with a secondary color beginning at the juncture of beak and wattle and spreading in an arc over the eyes and across the back and wings. The exact standard in the USA may be found here:

Here are the comments from Cadin Jaessing, a Lahore breeder in Ohio: "Lahore are a large, but gentle breed that comes in a multitude of colors. I’ve been raising them for about 6 years now. From the few years that I’ve been able to work with the bird of beauty, I’ve come to realize that there is a lot more hiding under the feathers than people think. For instance milky is huge in the breed. Most people breed them to black making 'milky blacks' or the usual lavender color that most are accustom to. However, I was curious what milky would look like on browns and reds dilutes etc. I then started producing milky khaki, milky brown , milky ash reds and a few others just out of pure curiosity. Another interesting modifier that I played around with was Brander Bronze. Not to be confused with Modena Bronze which is also in some Lahore. Brander is more commonly known in Show tipplers and Cauchois. I happen to have some reds that produced me a blue based, dilute, Brander Bronze hen. This is the first I’ve ever seen in the breed and I’m proud to have her in my loft. The moral of the story is, read up on genetics and try to make something you haven’t seen before. Not only does it make your loft more diverse in color, it’s also pretty fun doing it."